Just launched a simple maze game.  The app is totally free!  After navigating to the end of the maze, the walls become destructible for maze destroying physics fun!!



Invasion From Planet X

Invasion from Planet X for IOS is out now!  It’s a retro inspired arcade shooter.  It’s been great fun developing and designing all the ships and effects.



I had the most fun working on the flight paths for the UFO’s and the laser beam effect that the ship rides along.  I’ll try to put together some posts on how I got those components working.

More details here:

Invasion From Planet X

Tableau – Harmonograph – Viz as Art

I put together a cool Harmonograph viewer using Tableau Public for their Viz as Art contest.  The Viz allows you to adjust all the metrics of a 2 pendulum dual axis Harmonograph.  If you get down to it, basically I have Tableau plotting the points of a set of Parametric equations using the Scatter plot features.  The only trick was that I needed to De-aggregate the data.  The data coming in is simply a list of integers from 0 to 100,000.

View the Tableau Harmonograph Viz

The next attempt.

My initial attempt at app store success was fairly meager.  I created a couple of good quality word game apps, that I am proud of, and continue to get a very slow download rate.  Time to scale things back to official hobby level, thus moving to the free WordPress site for hosting.

My next app will be a shooter type alien game.  It will be premium, with no IAP, likely priced at $2.  More to come…